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Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles : fundamentals, theory, and design
Print Location: Central Library 629.2293 E33M
Author    Ehsani, Mehrdad
Imprint    Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2010
Edition    2nd ed.
Descript    xxii, 534 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Series    Power electronics and applications series
Contents    Environmental impact and history of modern transportation -- Fundamentals of vehicle propulsion and brake -- Internal combustion engines -- Electric vehicles -- Hybrid electric vehicles -- Electric propulsion systems -- Design principle of series (electrical coupling) hybrid eletric drive train -- Parallel (mechanically coupled) hybrid electric drive train design -- Design and control methodology of series-Parallel (torgue and speed coupling) hybrid drive train -- Design and control principles of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles -- Mild hybrid electric drive train design -- Peaking power sources and energy storages -- Fundamentals of regenerative breaking -- fuel cells -- Fuel cell hybrid electric drive train design -- Design of series hybrid drive train for off-road vehicles
Subject    Hybrid electric vehicles Fuel cells
Alt Author    Gao, Yimin, 1957- Emadi, Ali.
ISBN    9781420053982
Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles [electronic resource] Restricted Resource

Author    Ehsani, Mehrdad
Imprint    Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, c2010
Edition    2nd ed 
Descript    xxii, 534 p. : ill., ports
Series    Power electronics and applications series
Bibliog.    Includes bibliographical references and index
Note    Also available in print edition Mode of access: World Wide Web
Subject    Hybrid electric vehicles, Fuel cells, Electronic books.
Alt Author    Gao, Yimin, 1957- Emadi, Ali
ISBN    9781420054002 (e-book : PDF)

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Best economical hybrid energy solution Restricted Resource
Author: Gonçalves, F.V. ; Costa, L.H. ; Ramos, H.M.
Subjects: Hybrid energy ; ANN economical solution model ; WDS
Is Part Of: Energy Policy, 2011, Vol.39(6), pp.3361-3369 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
Description: This work aims at the development of an integrated model for analysis and optimization of operating strategies of Water Distribution Systems (WDS), taking into consideration economical-hydraulic-power performances. For this purpose, a software tool has been developed based on the following procedures: (i) an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to determine the best economical hybrid energy system; (ii) for the ANN training process an energy Configuration type and Economical base Simulator model (CES) is used; (iii) as well a Hydraulic and Power Simulator model (HPS) to describe the hydraulic system behaviour; (iv) a performance assessment tool based on an optimization module to minimize pumping costs and maximize the hydraulic reliability and energyefficiency is then implemented. The Artificial Neural Network uses scenarios with only grid supply, grid combined with hydro-turbine, or with wind turbine and a mutual solution, with hydro and wind turbine. The results obtained show how the model is useful for decision support solutions in the planning of sustainable hybrid energy solutions that can be applied to water distribution systems or others existent hydro-systems, allowing the improvement of the global energy efficiency. A real case study of a small WDS in Portugal is analyzed. 
Highlights ► Integrated model for optimization the operating strategies of WDS. ►Energy efficiency in water sectors based on economical-hydraulic-power performances. ► Development of renewable hybrid solutions for energy alternatives. 
Language: English
Identifier: ISSN: 0301-4215 ; DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2011.03.031 
Source: SciVerse ScienceDirect Journals 

Modelling of hybrid energy system Restricted Resource
Author: Gupta, Ajai ; Saini, R.P. ; Sharma, M.P.
Subjects: Micro-hydro ; Solar photovoltaic system ; Biomass energy system ; Biogasenergy system ; Diesel generator ; Integer programming
Is Part Of: Renewable Energy, 2011, Vol.36(2), pp.459-465 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
Description: A well designed hybrid energy system can be cost effective, has a high reliability and can improve the quality of life in remote rural areas. The economic constraints can be met, if these systems are fundamentally well designed, use appropriate technology and make use effective dispatch control techniques. The first paper of this tri-series paper, presents the analysis and design of a mixed integer linear mathematical programming model (time series) to determine the optimal operation and cost optimization for a hybrid energy generation system consisting of a photovoltaic array, biomass (fuelwood), biogas, small/micro-hydro, a battery bank and a fossil fuel generator. The optimization is aimed at minimizing the cost function based on demand and potential constraints. Further, mathematical models of all other components of hybrid energysystem are also developed. This is the generation mix of the remote rural of India; it may be applied to other rural areas also.
Language: English
Identifier: ISSN: 0960-1481 ; DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2010.06.035
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A thing made by combining two different elements
            Erdinc M. Uzunoglu. Optimum design of hybrid renewable energy systems: Overview of different approaches. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 16, Issue 3, April 2012, Pages 1412–1425


The Energy Research Institute (ERI)
The Energy Research Institute (ERI) was established as an institute under Chulalongkorn University on April 18th, 1991 based on policy of the university to emphasize on research as equal to teaching and learning and also on addressing the energy issues after the world energy crisis in 1973 and 1979.  At the beginning a committee on energy research was set up to identify and promote the research concerning energy issues. Later on it was developed to be the Energy and Training Center in 1982 and finally became the Energy Research Institute (ERI) in 1991.

Since then ERI has been conducting activities including policy research on energy and environment issues, and providing academic services to public in the field of energy efficiency and conservation as well as alternative energy. These activities have been mainly supported by government agencies, international agencies, and private sector.

In addition, ERI has involved in the issues related to Climate Change and CDM Business Opportunities with the objective to assist Thailand to promote clean energy projects.

With all the main activities mentioned above, ERI has built up strong networks with key institutions related to energy and environment, including not only government agencies, private sector, and universities in Thailand, but also international agencies.

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นักวิจัย : Energy Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University.


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What is Hybrid Energy?
Uploaded on Aug 3, 2011

This video introduces NTE Energy's sustainable hybrid energy technology -- a combination of biomass, solar and traditional combined cycle power.

WIND AND SOLAR energy hybrid system
Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011

One home owner in Elizabethtown, PA uses a wind and solar hybrid energy system to power their home. Installed by Wind and Solar, LLC of Lancaster, PA

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